Wedding Flower trends

Wedding Cake Trends

I love cake…I love flowers… when you combine the two… it makes me so very happy! Cutting of a cake at a wedding can seem like an odd thing to do, steeped in tradition it is seen as the first thing you do together as a couple. So, let’s take a look at wedding cake trends in 2024

It is traditional for brides to hold the knife for cutting with their groom’s hand placed over the top, and for them to cut the lowest tier of the cake together to symbolise longevity to their marriage.

And… more awkwardly it can be an indicator to some of your older guests that it is now acceptable to leave the celebrations… they often wait for the happy couple to cut the cake before a discreet exit…. Missing out on more of the fun if you ask me……

But when it comes to styles of cake- I have seen so many different looks over the years… each one causing my stomach to rumble in equal measure.

From the trusty semi naked wedding cake:


Or something to please everyone a cutting cake with cupcake stack beneath

To a stack of doughnuts

Iced Flowers

Or iced flowers by the amazingly talented Hayley Elizabeth Cake design

Cheese stack wedding cake

Or something savory if you prefer

The possibilities are endless and I have met some absolutely fantastic cake creators over the years. To name but a few I see on a regular basis:

Celebration Cakes by Catherine Scott

Fabu.lous.cakes- Victoria

Louise Hayes cake design

Maplewood Bakery

Cake Buds

Katie B Bakesmith

There is so much talent out there, and cake!


Whichever style you choose, make sure it is dished out to your guests to enjoy throughout the evening celebrations, or you may even choose to have this for your desert course…. The more cake the merrier I say!

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H x