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    Mother’s Day- where did the tradition of sending flowers come from?

    When is Mother’s Day you ask?…. Well that may depend on what country in the world you are in? Different countries celebrate Mother’s Day on different dates. In the UK Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday as it was originally known, falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which is three weeks before Easter. But if you are in the US- this always falls on the second Sunday in May. And if you are in France- this is the last Sunday in May…. Spain the first Sunday in May. So, the date itself may move depending on where you are in the world- unlike Valentine’s day which is the world over…

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    Nobody Panic! Love isn’t cancelled

    Well who could have seen this coming? The global pandemic that is Covid-19 has ground to a halt many industries- one of which being the hospitality and wedding sector- of which I happily belong. Nobody panic! Love isn’t cancelled! The wedding itself may just be on momentary pause while we adjust and adapt to a new kind of normal- one which hopefully will not involve face masks featuring in your wedding photography that is. One of my lovely couples decided to mark their original date by asking all family that they lived with to don a wedding dress from Ebay- budget no more than £40- (including the gents), and set…